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Marian Handmade Gifts is an artistic side business, the challenge was the uncertainty about marketing budget and results.



CLIENT Potenial

Brainstorm creative ideas!

We believe in you!

Digital Design was the right start.

The Challenge

The challenge was having the budget or getting into the business analysis to decide one. We partner with our clients to beyond marketing, understanding the hurdles small talented business owners go through, we designed a very special strategy for Mariana.

Big Dreams, require small steps.

Our approach was to focus on the aesthetic side of the business being an artistic niche. focusing on the professional presentation of the high-quality product she offers to target organic traffic. which allowed us to show amazing results and very high conversion rates. All without breaking the bank. 

“I was always afraid to drop my full-time job as a veterinary to pursue my hobby of creating art while making people feel special and happy! Adsavvies gave me a 500 fortune business treatment while working with a startup marketing budget. they believed in my business potential and now I am ready to do what I love for a living knowing marketing isn’t just for big brands. Thanks to Adsavvies! ”

Marian Handmade Gifts
Business rebranding, scaling & digital design.