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Content marketing latest tips

“Market toward the shoppers who will dominate the digital space.”

Content marketing latest tips by myself and other pros on how to improve your content marketing strategy.

The whole series is full of valuable insights on important topics in today’s digital space, Thanks to #Feedonomics for their effort in making this available for free to everyone.

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  • Millennials and Gen Z represent the highest influential shopping power in the digital space for the next few years. Knowing this fact, it is time to cater to their taste in your marketing strategy. Or better have separate campaigns focused on that segment with as unique and personalized content as possible.



  • “The digital buyer penetration rate in the United States as of January 2019, by generation. According to the findings, online shopping was most common among Millennial internet users with a penetration rate of 84.8 percent.” (Source: and



  • “Gen Z is already on track to become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020, and they account for $29 to $143 billion in direct spending. But their impact on the market doesn’t stop there. Ninety-three percent of parents today say their children influence family and household purchases, according to a report by CASSANDRA, meaning a significant portion of overall market spend is because of these youths.” (Source
  • Make it authentic and personal! More than anyone else, Millennials and Gen Z care to be unique and not another email on a brand’s list.


  • An email with a 10% discount on a laptop that was searched by the customer is 5 times more likely to convert and earn the customer loyalty than a generic 10% discount site wide.
  • Use “assisted clicks” to gain deeper insight on customers’ pre-conversion behavior and interests to build better re-marketing, audience lists, funnel and email campaigns.


  • Google Search campaigns now allow building audience lists and exclusion lists; these are great new tools to refine your audience lists, create more authentic and personalized ads.


  • Be proactive. Check your offer/landing pages and do a test trial before launching a campaign. As simple as it sounds, a discount code might not work or the landing page is down. Millennials and Gen Z are not so forgiving of bad experience, time waste or misleading ads.